This Kiwi app easily shows how much gas money you'll need for your next roadie
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This Kiwi app easily shows how much gas money you'll need for your next roadie

A must-have app on your phone!
6 April 2023 4:25PM

Long weekend means roadies for many of us and with the constant up and down of the price of petrol, it's a bit tricky to know how much we need to set aside for petrol or even just have a rough idea of how much we will be spending on petrol.

But thanks to this New Zealand app called 'RoadTrip', you'll know within a few seconds. 

Roadtrip is a free app that helps give you an estimate of how much your road trip is from your origin point to your destination, based on your license plate. You can also check the return cost when you select 'return trip'. 

I personally have used this app, and it has been accurate and helpful each time so I thought this might be handy for you if you're planning to head off for a road trip anytime soon!

Once you open the app, this is what you'll see:

Add your home address or location from where you're starting and your destination, followed by your License Plate. Based on your car and its efficiency, the app gives you an estimate. 

This incredible app also lets you add your current location. Once you've added this information, just hit 'Go'. 

It then shows you how much it would cost one way from point A to point B.

You may have to change the petrol price to what's accurate on the day you're fueling your petrol.

You can always check days ahead if you're someone who wants to know roughly know how much it would cost. 

To also get the best deal on petrol around your area, another app that we would highly recommend is the 'Gaspy' app.

Simply adjust and change the petrol price to what the price is at the moment.

You can also click on 'return trip' to see how much you will be spending on petrol this entire trip - one way & return. 

If you're splitting the petrol payment, then you can increase the number on 'Split Cost' by pressing on '+' sign and it will show how much each person will pay for the petrol. 


This app also shows the carbon emissions of your car when driving to your selected destination, along with the distance to that place one way/ return.

In terms of protecting your privacy - your license plate information is only stored on your device and not on their servers.

"Your licence plate information is never stored on our servers – only on your device, which means we can never see your data" the creator wrote on their website

Roadtrip is available on both iPhones and Androids. Click here to download. 

Happy long weekend!