This Aussie guy staged a terrifying kidnapping to propose to his gf and what the actual EFF
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This Aussie guy staged a terrifying kidnapping to propose to his gf and what the actual EFF

No, a thousand times no.

Love can make people do crazy things and this Sydney man took it to the extreme by staging a terrifying kidnapping to propose to his girlfriend. 

I've heard of some dramatic proposal stories, but this one is next level.

The prank was posted to TikTok by Tahlia, whose brother Adam Rizk is the boyfriend behind the whole operation. 

He was proposing to his girlfriend Vanessa Moujalli, while the two of them were travelling overseas in Lebanon in April. 

The TikTok video showed Vanessa and her two loved ones in a car when all of a sudden, a group of men wearing balaclavas and carrying fake guns approached the car and made an attempt to force Vanessa out.

"I’m not going with them,” Vanessa said. 

"I told them I’ll give them whatever they want."

The clip showed Vanessa being blindfolded and put in a second car without her family.

The man behind the camera rushed back to the original car with the other family member, confessing “She’s going to f*cking lose it,” before commuting to the final destination.  

Once Vanessa arrived she was escorted down some steps.

"What's happening?!" She shouted, still not knowing where she was or who she was with.

Finally, Vanessa's loved ones took the blindfold off her and she was greeted by her boyfriend who was standing in front of her with flowers (and of course, a ring).

With her hands over her mouth and not being able to look more shocked if she tried, Vanessa accepted Adam's proposal.  

The clip is being described as “the most controversial proposal ever", looking like a complete rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish.

The elaborate proposal has more than 484,000 views and got the comment section popping off with viewers shocked and confused.

“She’s not crying cos he proposing… She crying cause her life flashed before her eyes and she thought she was [dead],” one penned.

A second user admitted it was “traumatising beyond words”.

“He’d be divorced before I married him! [F*ck] that.”

While some TikTok users were definitely not for the proposal, Tahlia told Daily Mail Australia that Vanessa was "genuinely happy".

She even admitted that her brother had always wanted to “propose in a way to scare” his partner (can't say the same?). 

“They always play pranks on each other so it’s just their relationship,” Tahlia said.

"Planning [the proposal] took three months”.

But it looks like the kidnapping jitters have all but disappeared for Vanessa because just a few days later she proudly shared pictures of the moment on Facebook, declaring it as a "dream come true." 

She did leave out the whole kidnapping sitch that went down during the proposal but, hey, I don't blame her.

I would also want to erase that from my memory.