'The Little Mermaid' fans are freaked by Flounder and Sebastian's 'hideous' live-action look
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'The Little Mermaid' fans are freaked by Flounder and Sebastian's 'hideous' live-action look

"They aren’t cute cartoon fish anymore..."

‘The Little Mermaid’ live-action flick is set to come out in a month and has been stirring up conversations since it was announced. 

Now fans of the OG movie are talking about whether Ariel's animal sidekicks look too much like, well, animals.

Earlier this week Disney dropped the official posters for the film’s characters, though many people were quick to point out the ultra ‘realistic’ looks of Ariel’s under-the-sea besties.

Rather than cute and loveable-looking cartoons, Sebastian and Flounder now actually look like what they were written to be: A crab and a fish.

"The realistic design for Flounder, Sebastian, and Scuttle is the cherry on top of bad decision-making in this remake," someone wrote.

People are saying that real animals are "not the selling point" of the movie. "All of Ariel’s adorable sea life friends look hideous cause they aren’t cute cartoon fish anymore," wrote another.

A third Twitter user commented: "Disney keeps doing this, like I know it's live-action but surely a talking fish can be a little less realistic looking for the sake of facial expressions and conveying emotion similar to the cartoon original."

While a fourth suggested their creative take on the design.

Honestly, idk which one I prefer, but they both have the potential to be in my nightmare tonight.

While many were hating on the new designs, some came to the defence of the realistic CGI of our fave characters.

"What were y’all expecting? I want someone to show me a concept of a live-action for this movie and tell me what they should’ve done. For real they are FISH!!" someone wrote.

"Everyone wants a photorealistic live-action little mermaid until it comes time to reckon with what a true flounder looks like," another user wrote, sharing a picture of an actual flounder.

While fans continue to battle it out on Twitter, I’ll just have to hold off on my opinion until we see them come to life on the big screen on May 26th.