'Something bad happened': Influencer shares warning after her lip fillers go oh so wrong
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'Something bad happened': Influencer shares warning after her lip fillers go oh so wrong

Things went from plump to problematic real quick.

I guess beauty really is pain.

Influencer Jessica Burko is speaking out about her lip filler nightmare and the moment she discovered her beauty treatment had gone awry.

When it comes to the world of beauty and cosmetic enhancements, Burko isn't shy about sharing her experiences with her followers. 

The 27-year-old explained that she had already gotten lip filler at least six times before and had never had a bad reaction.

Fans were curious when she also revealed that it had been a good year since her last lip filler appointment. But when she scored a free giveaway, she thought it was the perfect chance to get a touch-up and show off her pouty lips once again.

Burko had not been to this injector before and swears she will never go back there again after the trauma she went through. 

After getting the botched lip filler, Burko posted to TikTok, saying “I went to go get my lips done yesterday, and something bad happened.

The video showed her at the clinic, slathered in numbing cream, eagerly prepping for the big moment. But when the camera switched to the "after" shot, her lips looked like they had blown up to epic proportions, leaving viewers stunned.

“Immediately after he injected me, I looked in the mirror and realised how swollen I was," Burko explained.

“I thought maybe it was because I hadn’t got my lips done in over a year."

Burko said her lips kept getting bigger and bigger by the minute, leaving her completely clueless about what was happening.

“He [injector] prescribed me a steroid, and it just got worse.”

Burko's lips wouldn't go down, leaving her with no choice but to return to the clinic the next day before things got even more out of hand.

Thankfully, Burko was able to get the filler dissolved and her lips are now back to normal. However, she did issue a warning about being tempted by free giveaways.

“Never do free cosmetics. But also don’t be scared to get your lips done.

“I love getting them done, and I will be back to my regular girl.”

Burko also warned her followers to not ignore any warning signs that crop up after a cosmetic procedure. Her advice? Don't brush it off, take it seriously, and seek help if needed.

“By the time I got to my car, I realised it was not normal. I went back to show him."

According to Burko, the practitioner admitted that he had accidentally hit an artery, which triggered her severe reaction.

“Turns out my doctor hit an artery,” Burko said.

“The product and everything didn’t know where to go, so that is what caused the swelling.”

But some people in the comments section weren't buying the explanation and voiced their opinion.

“He did not hit an artery, this was a reaction” one commented.

“If the doctor hit an artery, you would have a vascular occlusion,” another said.

“Your lips would be pale white and you’d be in intense pain.”

“He lied to you girl.”

Whatever the case, this is a great reminder for me to stop using freebie vouchers and be fully informed of all the potential risks associated with the procedure (my mum would be so proud).

Because after seeing what happened to Burko… I am sure that is not the pout I'm going for.