'Moana' is getting a live-action remake says demigod Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson
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'Moana' is getting a live-action remake says demigod Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

keen to see that cute dumb little chicken again

The 2016 animated Disney film ‘Moana’ will be getting a live-action remake, the one and only Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson announced this morning. 

Dwayne is producing the film and will return as the cocky yet ultimately loveable demigod ‘Māui’ in the 'real world' version. 

“I’m deeply humbled and overcome with gratitude to bring the beautiful story of Moana to the live-action big screen," Dwayne said in a video filmed in a place he spent a lot of time as a child, O’ahu, Hawaii. 

He said that the movie holds a special place in his heart due to it representing Polynesian culture, adding that Māui is inspired by his grandfather's massive personality.  

“This story is my culture, and this story is emblematic of our people’s grace and warrior strength.”

“I wear this culture proudly on my skin and in my soul, and this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reunite with Maui, inspired by the mana and spirit of my late grandfather, High Chief Peter Maivia, is one that runs very deep for me.”

“I want to thank my partners at Disney for their strong commitment to this special endeavour because there is no better world for us to honour the story of our people, our passion and our purpose than through the realm of music and dance, which is at the core of who we are as Polynesian people.”

The original animated movie tells the story of a Polynesian chief’s daughter, Moana, setting sail across the Pacific Ocean to save her island from famine. It heavily incorporates culture from the place it is set and is loosely inspired by Polynesian myths. 

Auli’i Cravahlo, the native Hawaiian actor who voiced the titular character, said that Moana resonated with audiences in a way that no other Disney princess had. 

“Moana’s strength and perseverance are inspiring—to audiences around the world, to me and to everyone who helped bring her to life,” she said in a press release. “I’m looking forward to sharing her story in a whole new way.”

There is currently no release date for the live-action film.