Did Miley Cyrus pull a Hannah Montana and drop a secret album?
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Did Miley Cyrus pull a Hannah Montana and drop a secret album?

I am CONVINCED that there is new Miley songs online at the moment.

Miley Cyrus fans are going crazy online at the moment, with theories that she’s pulled a ‘Hannah Montana’ on us and released a secret album under a different name… and honestly I am CONVINCED that something is going on.

However, I’m not convinced it was Miley who released the songs under an alias. Let me explain. 

A bunch of fans recently came across an album on music-streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, from an artist named Clara Pierce. The album, called ‘Down With Me,’ has twelve songs on it, and all of the songs undoubtedly sound exactly like Miley Cyrus.

It’s not just the vocals that sound like Miley, it’s also the vibe of the songs, the lyrics, and one of the tracks even features ‘Clara’s’ talking voice in it, which unmistakably sounds like Miley’s talking voice. As a big Miley fan, I would recognise that deep, husky voice anywhere. 

Plus ‘Down With Me,’ was released on March 10th 2023 - the exact same day as Miley released her latest album ‘Endless Summer Vacation.’

Furthermore, some of the songs in the album, ‘I Don’t Wanna Tell You Lies,’ ‘Hands of Time,’ ‘Can’t Live Forever,’ ‘Not My Vibe’ and ‘Right Hand Man’, are all the same titles as songs that are thought to be unreleased Miley songs. 

If that hasn’t convinced you enough - some of the lyrics in the songs also allude to things Miley has sung about before. 

For example in the song ‘Sagittarius’ (which is Miley’s legit star sign), it has the lyric “I told you once before, I’m my mother’s daughter,” which is surely a direct reference to her 2019 song ‘Mother’s Daughter.’

The songs ‘I’ll Never Get Hurt Again’ and ‘At Least I Can Say That I Tried’ are both break up ballads that could be about Miley’s marriage to Liam Hemsworth. 

As more and more fans caught wind of the secret album, more and more fans jumped on to TikTok and twitter to share the ‘Hannah Montana’ theory with other fans, and in the last couple of days the theory has been going wild online. 

But here’s the thing - as soon as the theory started becoming popular online, the album was pulled from all streaming platforms. It’s been completely erased from the internet, apart from the odd TikTok of people who screen recorded the songs. Little bit fishy, right?

This prompted the next theory, the one I’m leaning towards believing… What if Miley Cyrus wasn’t Hannah Montana-ing us? What if the songs were leaked and uploaded without her knowledge?

This theory would explain why the album was pulled from streaming platforms - maybe they were illegally leaked, and whoever is controlling the ‘Clara Pierce’ account freaked out when more and more people started streaming the album. Personally, I think this is a super feasible option. 

Also in my opinion, if Miley was going to release a secret album under an alias, I think the album cover would’ve looked better than what it does. My boss described the font on the album as "the font every food blogger in 2012 used to use" - accurate tbh.

Clara Pierce Down With Me

The third theory - that I reckon is a possibility but I’m not personally convinced is true - is that it’s just Artificial Intelligence imitating Miley’s voice and vibe of music.

We’ve seen a rise lately of AI creating songs and imitating the voices of famous artists, so I’m not ruling this option out, but personally I think the songs just sound too much like Miley to not be Miley. 

Tbh, I’m convinced that someone has leaked her unreleased songs, but Miley still hasn’t said anything on the matter. So until Miley confirms anything, I guess I’ll just keep getting myself stuck in the Miley-Cyrus-conspiracy TikTok rabbit hole.