A fan fave from White Lotus S1 is returning to season 3 and we have theories about how and why
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A fan fave from White Lotus S1 is returning to season 3 and we have theories about how and why

Alexa, play the theme song IMMEDIATELY.

Guess who's back, back again?

It's Belinda Lindsey!

What do you mean you don't remember any of the names of the White Lotus characters because you only have them ranked in your head based on hotness and/or how terrible a human they are? Let me refresh your memory. 

Played by Natasha Rothwell, Belinda Lindsey was the down-to-earth spa manager who got strung along by needy guest Tanya McQuoid, played by Jennifer Coolidge.

It was supposed to be the perfect business partnership. The White Lotus employee was thrilled when Tanya expressed interest in working with her, and Belinda's confidence in her business idea soared. 

But just when she thought her dreams were about to become a reality, Tanya crushed them with the news that she wouldn't be opening a business together after all. Man, that woman was the definition of a hot mess. 

HBO confirmed Belinda's return to E! News and, while the network hasn't revealed all the juicy details of her highly-anticipated comeback just yet, we do know the third season is taking us to a third White Lotus resort in Thailand. 

"The first season highlighted money and the second season is sex," director Mike White said in an interview. 

"I think the third season, it would be maybe a satirical, funny look at death, Eastern religion and spirituality. It feels like it could be a rich tapestry to do another round."

At the end of season one, Belinda appeared heartbroken after her last interaction with Tanya. But not only that, remember - Tanya gave Belinda an envelope thick with cash.

Let's get our conspiracy theory hats on, people. Maybe Belinda is the manager of the White Lotus resort in Thailand? Maybe she is a high-profile guest who will add to the drama? Or maybe she works at a competing resort chain in Thailand, creating rivalry and stirring the pot?

Or maybe, just maybe, she has finally fulfilled her dream of starting her own business. 

Whatever the case, at least we know one thing for sure – Belinda won't be able to get revenge on Tanya. (Because, spoiler alert, I don't think she'll be back anytime soon). 

"He sort of sticks to his guns," Coolidge said of director Mike White in an interview with E! News in January. 

"He's an amazing friend, but I think he made his decision. He wanted a big, dramatic, Italian, you know, operatic ending for White Lotus 2, and he wanted to sacrifice Tanya."

At the moment, the rest of the season three casting is still under wraps. But, that doesn't mean we're not already speculating.

Fans think season one's Connie Britton, who played the fierce and fabulous Nicole Mossbacher might be making a comeback. In July 2022, Britton spilled the beans that she and creator Mike White had already been in talks about her potential return to the series. 

"He wanted me to be in the second season, and there was an idea that I loved for the character," Connie told Deadline. 

"Our intention is to do it in the third season - a piece of casting didn't work in the second season and we're hoping to do that in the third season."

When asked by E! News about the rumours this year, the actress kept her cards close to her chest, teasingly saying, "My lips are sealed!" 

Jennifer Aniston has also expressed interest in making an appearance on the series, telling E! News in a recent interview she is obsessed with the show. She even made a pitch to creator Mike White to let her join the cast - which doesn't feel like a long shot, considering her past collaboration with Mike on The Good Girl back in 2002. 

In addition, Emmy winner and all-around powerhouse Sheryl Lee Ralph has expressed her interest in being a guest at the White Lotus resort when chatting with E! News. She even shared a special message to creator Mike White, saying "Oh, honey, please. Call me, don't be afraid to just call me."

With potential A-listers like Jennifer Aniston and Sheryl Lee Ralph in the mix, The White Lotus season three is shaping up to slay.

And while this is all great news, the only bad piece of news is that the third season hasn't even started production yet. 

We'll just have to wait a little longer to see what devious resort behaviour awaits us in the lush, tropical paradise of Thailand. 

We can do that, right guys?