Viral ‘Everything Bagel’ seasoning is now in NZ supeys so lemme live my TikTok brekkie dreams
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Viral ‘Everything Bagel’ seasoning is now in NZ supeys so lemme live my TikTok brekkie dreams

bout to slather this on everything

A seasoning that was sprinkled all over TikTok is finally making its way to Aotearoa so buckle up spice drawer, there’s a new season queen in town. 

Mingle’s ‘Everything Bagel’ seasoning - made up of poppy seeds, sesame seeds, garlic, dried onion, and salt - is available to buy in Countdown supermarkets right friggin now. 

Jordyn Evans, the Australian founder of Mingle, is currently travelling around New Zealand introducing the sensation of a seasoning to Kiwis. She told Stuff she’s amped to see how it goes on our shores after it blew up in her home country. 

“When we announced the Everything Bagel seasoning had launched into Australia on TikTok, it went viral and 250 stores sold out of the product,” she said. 

“We are excited to see the buzz around this seasoning in NZ – we are pumped. I travelled to New Zealand five years ago and always had a dream to get Mingle’s healthy seasonings into New Zealand supermarkets,” she added. 

I have never tried the stuff, but loads of TikToks tell me that it goes on literally anything and is insanely popular, so they gotta be doing something right. Not to mention it’s a lot healthier than most other spices. 

Jordyn started making seasonings five years ago after realising that there’s loads of unhealthy icky stuff in what was the current crop of spices. 

“Added sugar, high amounts of sodium, refined vegetable oils and cheap fillers (like flours or salt) are used to bulk up the blend and save costs,” she writes on Mingle’s website, regarding popular household spice brands. 

“That's when I had the vision to shake things up in the spice aisle with a healthy seasoning product that was also fun, colourful and made me excited to cook.”

Mingle’s seasonings - which also include classics such as garlic & herb, all-purpose, and BBQ - contain no added sugar or preservatives, are keto and vegan-friendly, and have less sodium “compared to mass-market offering,” according to their website.