Sex/Life season 2 have actually topped THAT viral peen scene, and it is wild
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Sex/Life season 2 have actually topped THAT viral peen scene, and it is wild

There's no way someone actually googled if it was real!

I didn’t think they could do it but the creators of Netflix’s ‘Sex/Life’ season two actually topped that NSFW shower peen scene with, ahem, extra peen!

ICYMI - Season one fans went wild over THAT scene where we were treated to a steamy naked shower scene which follows with a full frontal view of actor Adam Demos' package, and spoiler alert, it’s not cgi

The season 2 trailer showed the raunchy upgrade we were looking for, and now that the latest season has arrived, we’ve been expecting a bigger and better plotline. Little did we know that they took that quite literally…

In the sixth episode of the season, Cooper - played by Mike Vogel - asks Devon if his penis was affected after the pair were involved in an accident.

Without giving too much away, Devon got the shock of his life during a sexual act that went terribly awry.

He then explained his pecker was reconstructed by surgeons who added an extra inch, along with a pump to help it when doing the deed.

The scene takes place inside a gym changing room, where Devon demonstrates how his handy penis pump works. 

He explains: “Everything is fully automated… I have a stylish new curve, which is cool.”

Fans reacted to this season’s most talked about moment, with one admitting she actually googled if the upgraded peen was possible…

Another said she was screaming while watching the scene unfold.

Another simply shared what we were all thinking… 

Welp, if there's a season three, I can't even begin to imagine how they'll manage to beat this...