'I'm not flirting with you but...': Pedro Pascal's compliment to Kiwi journo is driving us wild
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'I'm not flirting with you but...': Pedro Pascal's compliment to Kiwi journo is driving us wild

“How does it feel to live my dream?”

Pedro Pascal is the man of the moment as he features in the new HBO series ‘The Last of Us’ and the upcoming season three of ‘The Mandalorian’ on Disney+.

Many fans have recognised his charm, but one Kiwi reporter recently got an unexpected compliment from the actor, and we're obvs going wild about it!

Newshub Entertainment Editor, Kate Rodger interviewed the actor on his most recent projects when he shocked her with a comment on her appearance.

“Can I just say one thing? Your nails bring out the colour of your eyes… I’m not trying to flirt, but I’ve been kind of obsessed.. “

“Can you stop,” Kate blushed as she took the surprise compliment. “I did it on purpose,” she continued saying that she chose the colour to match a new ring.

Pedro added: “It’s a great colour.”

Okay, so that has to be the sweetest bts interview clip ever!!

I’m not the only one who’s jealous, as our very own Edge Breakfast host, Meg Mansel commented: “How does it feel to live my dream?”

No, but really, we need answers!

Even Kiwi TV personality Kanoa Lloyd added: “NO! I am ded,” alongside a skull and crossbones emoji.

“Lmao he sooo knows what he’s doing,” wrote a third.

On a more serious note, Pedro chatted about his experience working with Kiwi talent on both of his latest projects.

The star worked with the much-loved Melanie Lynskey on ‘The Last of Us’ as well as Taika Waititi and Temuera Morrison on ‘The Mandalorian’.

Pedro told Newshub: "I started very early with all three of them as a fan.’

"I saw [Melanie’s] ‘Heavenly Creatures’ in the Angelika movie theatre when it was released in New York City. I saw [Temuera’s] ‘Once Were Warriors’ in the same theatre. And Taika? Hmm, I can't remember. Who cares about that one,” the actor joked.

Look like Pedro Pascal is well on his way to being named the next honourary Kiwi with that kind of chat, and I’m certainly not complaining.