Club Penguin's creator spoke on its return, and brb I haven't checked on my puffles since 2012
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Club Penguin's creator spoke on its return, and brb I haven't checked on my puffles since 2012

Meet ya on the dance floor!

I don't know about you, but I spent a lot of time on the internet playing games throughout the early to mid-2000s, but there's just one game in particular that I hold dear... Penguin Club.

Now I'm going to need all of my fellow 2000s Flash Player gaming kids to freak out with me because the creator of the legendary game has hinted that Club Penguin may make its return.

Club Penguin creator Lance Priebe was questioned on Twitter if he ever regretted selling the game to Disney, which ultimately led to its truly tragic death.

“No regrets,” he wrote in a Tweet.

Disney purchased Club Penguin's developers New Horizon Interactive in 2007, flinging it to an unimaginable level of success.

Though within a decade the game's popularity began to fade, and Disney officially called it quits in 2017 and told us all to ‘waddle on’.

Lance added: “Disney helped Club Penguin expand worldwide and introduced millions of children to our exciting little world. I’m sad that it ended but I am confident it will one day return.”

Seriously, Lance… you’re just going to leave me with that tease? I need answers and I need them now!!

For those of you who were living under a rock during your childhood, Club Penguin was a multiplayer online game created in 2005, where you could take part in quests, and games while interacting with other Penguin characters.

I'd say I spent the majority of my pre-teen years collecting puffles, decorating my igloo, playing card-jitsu in the dojo or attempting to flip the iceberg with the other seriously committed gamers.

Oh, and if you’re telling me you didn’t get down and boogie on the nightclub dance floor, you’ve never lived! Those twists and turns were IT!

Since its departure from our screens fans of the game created plenty of bootleg versions, but those were taken down after Disney hit them with copyright claims.

So while Club Penguin may be gone for now, with some continued hype I’m sure we could convince Lance to bring it back!