We tried Cookie Time’s new ice cream sandwiches and we have not stopped drooling
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We tried Cookie Time’s new ice cream sandwiches and we have not stopped drooling

the scream i screampt when these arrived in the office

Cookie Time gave us a try of their brand new Cookie Sandwiches (they’re ice cream sandwiches) and let me tell you, they slap. 

They’re made up of two Cookie Time cookies with some ice cream in between (in case you never heard of an ice cream sandwich before). They're running two flavours: the Original Cookie Time cookies with vanilla ice cream and the Double Chocolate Dunk, which has plant based cookies and chocolate coconut cream.

Everyone here adored the new creations, with the texture of the cookies being a particular talking point about what made the frozen treat so nice to eat. 

“The mix of the soft cookie and smooth ice cream makes it melt in your mouth - I loved it!” said our resident foodie Sophie.

Cookie Time's new ice cream sandwiches Credit: Cookie Time

Guy Pope-Mayell, the co-founder and managing director at Cookie Time, said it’s about damn time New Zealand stopped flirting with the ice cream sammy and fully embraced it. 

“Ice cream sandwiches are a quintessential Kiwi dessert. We dabbled in them in the 1980s, selling our first iterations in Riccarton Mall in Christchurch,” he said in a statement. “And over the last 10 years, they’ve been a crowd favourite in our Cookie Bars in New Zealand and Japan.”

“We knew we wanted to take them to a wider audience one day and that day has come. It’s time for Kiwis to ditch the do-it-yourself pink wafer and level up their ice cream (or dairy free) sandwich experience.”

“Cookie sandwiches have been a passion project for me, the opportunity to break into a new treat category and launch a product as iconic in its own way as our Original Chocolate Chunk Cookie,” he added. 

The two flavours will be available in stores across the country on the 1st of March.