‘Nightmare’: Aussie man messes up bougie beach proposal by dropping engagement ring in sand
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‘Nightmare’: Aussie man messes up bougie beach proposal by dropping engagement ring in sand

Life's a beach!

An Aussie with his heart in the right place got nearly everything right about his romantic beach proposal, he just messed up handing the ring to his fiance-to-be. 

Zay, as the slippery-handed groom is called, popped the question at Sydney’s Coogee beach and you can tell he really put his heart into it. It's just before Valentine’s Day, there’s a pathway of candles leading up to a vast circle of what looks like fairy lights with a huge sign saying ‘MARRY ME’ lit up by LED lights behind them AND there’s a huge crowd watching. 

What could go wrong? I’ve already semi-spoiled it, but Zay dropped the ring in the sand. You zay-te to see it. 

Comments on the TikTok (which has amassed over 2 million views and 140k likes) contained quite a few haters of these kinds of displays. 

“Public proposals are my biggest nightmare,” said one. 

“Absolute nightmare,” wrote another. “I literally would hate a public proposal because it isn't about the people then it's just a show.”

“It’s a big amount of pressure, what if I wanted to say no?” a third asked. 

Fortunately for Zay, his wallet, and the bride-to-be, the ring was eventually found. The now ringed-up fiance made a cutesy Instagram post confirming the news. 

“Completely taken by surprise and completely in love. I never could have imagined a proposal as perfect and magical as the one you gave me,” she wrote (I, personally, can imagine a more perfect proposal). 

“You have a way of making everything so special and unforgettable. Thank you for making me the happiest person in the world. I am so grateful to have you as my partner, my best friend, and now, my fiancé.”

In another Instagram post she reposted the TikTok and gave a word of warning to those planning on popping the question:

“Pro tip from my fiancé: Don’t propose with a loose ring on the sand. Knew we’d end up on TikTok and news," she said.