Expert reveals the top trending baby names for 2023, and one Netflix show had a huge influence
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Expert reveals the top trending baby names for 2023, and one Netflix show had a huge influence

There will be a lot of lil Wednesday's running around.... thnx Netflix!
1 March 2023 12:50PM

Naming a baby has to be one of the toughest choices you’ll have to make. It’s a huge decision choosing the one name that your little human will forever be known as - unless you’re like Kylie Jenner and decide to switch it up.

If you choose a common name chances are your child will have numerous classmates with the same name (as a Sophie, I can relate), however, if you go too unique there you might run into some issues with pronunciation - I still struggle with Elon Musk’s son named X Æ A-12.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, Nameberry’s Sophie Kihm has shared 50 top names you should consider for the 2023 bubs.

Artemis - “Greek moon goddess name that also works for boys.”
Ash - “Gender-neutral name short for Ashlee or Asher.”
Avani - “Hindi girls’ name with trending v sound and ni ending.”
Azael - “Rising Biblical name that is sleek.”
Banner - ‘One of the trending occupational surnames much like Baker, Booker, and Bridger.”
Callahan - “The new Sullivan and a cool way to get to Cal.”
Cielo - “The Spanish word for ‘sky’ is also trending for boys.”
Clover - “The fresh flower name Clover feels cute, strong, not too lacy, and very lucky.”
Cy - “The new Kai, can be short for Cyrus, Cyril, or Silas.”
Elio - “European popular from the release of Pixar’s Elio.”
Elowen - “Name lovers’ favourite that’s a fresh route to Ellie.”
Evander - “Ancient Greek name that’s a rare alternative to Oliver and Alexander.”
Eyre - “An alternative of Kylie Jenner’s Aire and Nick Cannon’s Heir.”
Ezri - “Ezra alternative common in Israel for both sexes.”
Faye - “Fay and Fae are alternative spellings of this May substitute with an ethereal meaning: ‘fairy’.”
Greer - “Uncommon tailored surname for girls, similar to Reese, Blair, and Sloane.”
Halo - “A rising option among modern Christian names as well as video game names for girls.”
Harold - “Trend-setters Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach chose Harold for their son, nicknamed Hal."
Idalia - “Popular the Netflix series ‘From Scratch’.”
Kiki - “One of the many stylish kindercore names.”
Kit - “UK favorite rising in the US for both girls and boys, sometimes as a nickname for Katherine or Christopher.”
Koa - “Hawaiian name rising for both genders.”
Leif - “This Scandinavian, nature name is a trending favorite.”
Leni - “Also a grandpa name trending for both sexes.”
Linus - “Traditional roots, ends in S, and a host of great namesakes? Linus has it all.”
Lionel - “International star thanks to Argentinian World Cup soccer champion Lionel Messi.”
Love - “Simple, bold, and full of heart, Love is a hot celebrity baby name poised to soar for both sexes.”
Marigold - “Bright floral name rife with symbolism in cultures from Mexico to India. Goldie is one adorable nickname.”
Maude - “Maude Apatow has reintroduced her name, also spelled Maud, to prospective parents.”
Maxine - “1920s favourite as a first and middle name, as in Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s newborn daughter Esti Maxine.”
Miller - “Fresh alternative to names like Parker and Mason.”
Odette - “French rarity you may know from Swan Lake.”
Otto - “A much-loved palindrome, Otto feels fresh and quirky, cute yet strong.”
Ozzy - “Natural shortening for a whole range of fashionable boy names, from Oscar to August to Ozias.”
Penny - “Penny is a midcentury favourite with bonus ‘lucky penny’ connotations.”
Petra – “At its historic peak in the Roaring Twenties, Petra is on track for a revival right around… now.”
Reyes - “Intriguing Spanish option with an on-trend royal meaning and a big new platform in the hugely popular 'Call of Duty' franchise.”
Rocky - “British adventurers Anna McNuff and Jamie McDonald recently welcomed twins with suitably adventurous names"
Sybil - “Underused literary and mythological name, belonging to divine prophetesses in Greek and Roman legend.”
Teddy - “Ultimate cuddly grandad baby name. Can be a nickname for Theodore, Edward or even Arthur (due to its meaning, ‘bear’).”
Torben - “Scandi-chic successor to Soren and Stellan.”
Truett - “Best-of-both-worlds choice which combines a smart, preppy full name with a cool virtuous nickname.”
Vita - “In Latin and Italian, it means ‘life’.”
Waverly - “Parents who love Everly’s strong sound and bouncy rhythm, but not its popularity, might appreciate this unusual alternative.”
Wednesday - “Day names like Sunday and Tuesday feel quirky and playful, but Wednesday brings a darker edge."
Wiley - “Easygoing hipster cowboy name that remains surprisingly underused."
Winston - “Traditional name with an illustrious history and a winning nickname.”
Wolf - “De-Kardashianized and back to being one of the coolest, and rarest, of the wild animal names.”
Zebedee - “Ancient Biblical name that’s impossible to say without a smile on your face.”
Ziggy - “Super quirky nickname, as well as the connection to David Bowie’s iconic alter ego Ziggy Stardust, who celebrated his 50th-anniversary last year.”