Do we have the same boyfriend?
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'Do we have the same boyfriend?': Kiwi gals flood FB group exposing cheating men and it's wild

“Apparently if their name starts with abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz … just run sis”

The gals of New Zealand are ON IT when it comes to finding out anything in their relationships. From little white lies to the secret cheaters, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you were working for the FBI. 

Well, that is if FBI stands for Facebook Investigations because a couple of Aucklanders have stirred the pot with the Facebook group ‘Do we have the same boyfriend? AUCKLAND, NZ’.

It’s already proven to be quite the hit with over 19k group members and 3,000 posts in just 24 hours.

The group seemingly focuses on catching any suss behaviour in relationships, exposing ‘home wreckers’ and straight out asking if your man is cheating.

For obvious reasons, we don’t encourage outing anybody on a public platform and opening the floodgates for any negative impacts - Not to mention the potential legal trouble you could get into here!

While some posts include pics and details of men hitting on them while they’re out, only to find out they were texting their girlfriends throughout the night.

One anonymous group member shared a video with the caption: "This anyones??? Tried getting w me and my friend in TGA last weekend, till I caught him lacking and texting his gf."

Yikes! I'm here with the girls that are simply watching the chaos erupt.

One gal thought it was all fun and games to begin with: “When you join the group for the lolz till you see your man posted.”

“I’m glad I have another app to go on every single day now AHAH, sick of going to Insta back to TikTok back to YouTube & then back to Insta,” wrote another who is finding the tea a little too entertaining.

A third gave a warning to all of the girlies: “Apparently if their name starts with abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz … just run sis”

Tbh something tells me this group might not last the distance, but it’s certainly made an impact in its first 24 hours and is continuing to grow as you’re reading this.

So, before you decide to take a look into the deep, dark depths of this controversial group, let me warn you, it’s a scary place!