Karen's Diner is hiring in Christchurch and I'd like to speak to the manager, thx
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What's Good

Karen's Diner is hiring in Christchurch and I'd like to speak to the manager, thx

If you’ve got experience in sh** service…. YOU’RE HIRED!

Calling all the Karens of Christchurch! Karen’s Diner is opening and looking for staff, so if you’ve got experience in sh** service - YOU’RE HIRED!

I should probably make it clear rn that your name doesn't actually have to be Karen... It's just the mindset.

The official Karen’s Diner Instagram put the call out with the caption: “Ughhh ffs here we go AGAIN - how hard is it to get some sh*t staff."

The post continued: "If you're from Canberra, Hobart or Christchurch... good news - WE ARE HIRING! Bring some excitement into your boring life, and get paid to tell customers to f*ck off and be a complete and utter d*ck - it's the dream job right."

So, if you're a proudly self-proclaimed Karen applications are open now at bemorekaren.com/jobs

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the diner is all about bad-mannered, smart-mouthed servers providing the full Karen experience.

Why would you want to go? Well, despite the horrendous service Karen’s diner promises excellent food - cause apparently good hot chips can make up for having to pick my menu up off the floor lol.

Burgers, fries, and chicken wings are available at Karen's Diner, which has a 1960s American theme.

You might be thinking, "poor Karens", however, at Karen's Diner, everyone with the name Karen is welcomed with open arms - I wonder if your name is actually Karen you’ll have a higher chance at landing the job?! 

The new Christchurch restaurant is the second one to open in NZ with Auckland getting its bittersweet Karen’s Diner experience from September last year.

However, Christchurch won’t need to suffer for too long, because the diner is only featuring as a pop-up experience on the 18th and 19th of March at Lincoln HQ.

So, whether you want to be the Karen or be on the receiving end, you better get in quick cause we all know Karens don’t f**k around!