Harry Styles Bunnings Straw Hat
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What's Good

A round of applause to Bunnings for adding 'Harry Styles' recommendation to their website

"Harry Styles wore it, so it’s good enough for me."

Bunnings have seriously outdone themselves with their quick thinking by adding Harry Styles to their website… sorta!

When customers search for "Harry Styles” on the Bunnings website it now shows the "Bunnings Big Straw Hat" as the top result.

SOURCE: Bunnings.co.nz

We have to appreciate the efforts of the team behind that idea because it is simply too good.

ICYMI - Harry performed sporting the iconic star hat during his show in Melbourne on Friday night and idec that he wore it backwards, that man can make anything look good.

Don’t believe me? One fan left a five-star review simply because of Harry’s fashion influence.

The hat was originally given to Harry by a young Bunnings employee from Mildura (6 hour's drive from Melbourne) - the long drive was definitely worth it and we respect the dedication to the cause.

Although he didn’t come out and do another shoey, it’s great to see Harry is still getting amongst the traditions across the ditch.

At his Melbourne gig, Harry put out a disclaimer before the show to avoid disappointing all the shoey lovers in the audience.

“I’d like to start with a disclaimer that I will not be doing a shoey this evening,” Harry said before being met with a roar of booing from the crowd.

He continued: “Complain all you want. If you were running around up her for an hour and a half you wouldn’t be doing a shoey either, let me tell you, okay?”

“I’ve done my first and only shoey, and it was truly, truly revolting.”

Well, I guess there goes our chance of getting him to do one from a gumboot, although what if we tell him it’s a fresh one from Bunnings? Maybe that will do the trick!

Either way, we are preparing for an epic night on March 7 when Harry graces the stage at Auckland’s Mt Smart stadium.