McCain is bringing Vegemite pizzas to the world and don’t hate me but I so would
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McCain is bringing Vegemite pizzas to the world and don’t hate me but I so would

You can't convince me these won't SLAP!

Vegemite, that weird black Australian spread, has teamed up with McCain’s to bring Vegemite pizzas into the world. 

Cheesy Vegemite Lil’ Pizzas and Cheesy Vegemite Pizza Pockets are the two new creations coming from the iconic Aussie yeast extract.

Hear me out on this one guys. I know Vegemite is one of the most polarising food items on the planet but the cheese x Vegemite combo on a pizza sounds delectable.

Vegemite Pizza Pockets and lil Pizza Credit: IGA

Unsurprisingly, McCains agrees with me (and make a huge claim about the legacy this new product will leave)!

“The whole team and I are so excited about forging two of Australia’s most iconic food brands together for a snack that will be more iconic to Australia than kangaroos,” Sara Black, McCain’s marketing manager, said in a press release. 

How good would it be if in 20 years' time rather than being known for kangaroos, Australia was known for Vegemite Pizza? Really think about how good that would be. 

Most of their national sports teams are named after the kangaroo - their national soccer team, for example, is the ‘Soccer-roos’. Imagine if people were cheering, crying, hugging each other, and singing the national anthem for the Australian ‘Soccer-Vegemite Pizzas” instead. That’s why we must support the Vegemite pizza. 

If the Vegemite pizza is weird to you, I beg you to check out the recipes that Vegemite shares on their website. There are 80 (!!) recipes with vegemite incorporated into them and some of them sound like tastebud torture. 

‘Vegemite Bolognese’, ‘Vegemite Stir Fry’, ‘Vegemite Beef Stroganoff’, and ‘Vegemite Icy Poles’ are all real and they just offer you the recipe in case you’re ever craving a Vegemite ice block I guess.

Vegemite Ice Block Credit: Vegemite

Pedestrian reports that the Cheesy Vegemite Lil’ Pizzas and the Cheesy Vegemite Pizza Pockets will be widely available in Australian supermarkets come late February , but some Aussie supermarkets are selling them now. Who knows when they'll hit our shores and what Kiwis will think of them.