Woman's Spotify Wrapped unsharable for 3rd year in a row after embarrassing song makes top 5
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Woman's Spotify Wrapped unsharable for 3rd year in a row after embarrassing song makes top 5

“I just gave myself the ick”

Spotify Wrapped is back for another year.

While many are taking great joy in sharing their top songs and most listened to artists to their stories, there are some who are unable to get in on the fun due to their ‘embarrassing’ song choices.

Katie Katsondale went into 2022 with the new year’s resolution of actually listening to some decent tunes on Spotify after 2 years of being able to show off her ‘alt-y side’.

“Last year I accidentally fell into the trap of having to fall asleep each night to white noise so it ended up being my number 1 and I thought, ‘never again’”.

Katie started the year strong, only listening to artists she knew would impress when it came to showing off her Wrapped.

“I had a playlist of only Harry Styles, a sure win because…. Harry. I wanted people to think I was ‘that girl’ too so I was having Netsky, Wilkinson and Sub Focus on repeat each day at the gym”.

But it all came undone in May as Katie was scrolling through TikTok.

“I came across a TikTok of someone playing Vanessa Hudgen’s 2008 hit ‘Sneakernight’ and all I could think was ’tune’.

I went onto Spotify and played it, and it was all over from there. I couldn’t stop. On the way to work, at the gym, AT WORK. it was just me, Vanessa Hudgens and ‘Sneakernight’”.

That’s just one song though. There are surely still 4 others in your Wrapped for people to like, right?


“It got worse from there because it wasn’t just that ‘Sneakernight’ was my Number 1 song.

I started listening to 'Sneakernight' playlists and now my Top Artists are Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus circa 2008, Jonas Brothers and Corbin Bleu because of his song ‘Push It To The Limit’”.

EDITORS NOTE: Katie wanted us to make it clear that while embarrassing, 'Push It To The Limit' is in fact ‘another tune’.

“Honestly, i just gave myself the ick looking through all my Wrapped slides.”

Despite this year's faux pas, Katie insisted that 2023 would be a "new year, new me" situation.