The Matcha tea brand made by two kiwi cousins that NEEDS to be on your Christmas list
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The Matcha tea brand made by two kiwi cousins that NEEDS to be on your Christmas list

Healthy coffee or all hype? This first time Matcha drinker finds out.

When you’re drinking something green, I think you have to be a little sceptical. As someone who had never tried matcha tea before  I definitely had my preconceptions. I’m typically a go-to iced mocha or chai latte gal, so I was eager to try matcha and see if it’d suit my tastebuds so I could jump on the trend.

I'd heard rumours about the benefits of matcha, like how it's high in antioxidants and a healthy alternative to coffee, but was always too apprehensive or stubborn to give it a go. 

It can apparently boost your mood, give you optimised all-day energy, and even assist with weight loss. It's meant to be good for heart health, lower blood pressure, balance your metabolism, and may even have cancer-fighting properties. 

You had me at mood-boosting. 

One NZ brand leading the charge in the matcha game THEA, which was established here in Aotearoa by two Kiwi cousins. May and Enna found themselves frustrated by the lack of good matcha in New Zealand so they created THEA to give kiwis access to matcha the way it should taste. 

When THEA reached out to me to see if I wanted to try Matcha, I was in - but don’t worry, this isn’t another sponsored review so you bet I’m going to give you my real thoughts. 

At the start of the year, I wasn't a regular coffee drinker until I started a job in an office with barista coffee machines (humble brag) and I can now last no longer than a day without caffeine. 

The Matcha tea brand made by two kiwi cousins that NEEDS to be on your Christmas list

Call me stupid, but I didn’t actually realize that matcha contains caffeine and combined with L-Theanine keeps you focused and energised without the side effects you get from coffee. 

So what I’m hearing is a healthy coffee, right?  

The gals from THEA include instructions with each matcha kit and powder, even popping in tips on how to personalize your matcha to suit your taste buds. 

They recommended adding a bit of maple syrup to my if I happened to be a bit of a sweet tooth, which of course I am, and I think this is the hack that will ease you into enjoying matcha if you’re used to coffee, like me. 

I always assumed that matcha would taste bitter and like some sort of weird green smoothie - don’t judge, I’m a picky eater! But I was assured that this is a common preconception and to bear with it. 

"If you’ve tasted matcha before, you may be thinking the benefits sound great, but it tasted bitter and grassy,’ The truth is, you’ve probably tried a culinary grade matcha, which is intended for cooking," the blurb in the THEA matcha kit read. 

The more you know! No bitter grassiness to be found. 

By now, you might be thinking: 'How the eff do you even make matcha anyway?'

I started off with a teaspoon of the powder and added a bit of boiling water, mixed, and added my milk all in the time I could have made a coffee. 

THEA provided an electric matcha whisk, and they also stock traditional Japanese matcha whisks, sieves, and wooden spoons. 

I thought their electric frother was the COOLEST little gadget I ever did see and did an incredible job at making my oat milk nice and fluffy. 

I added a few ice cubes and a few drops of maple syrup and my matcha was complete!

Each kit comes with a step-by-step guide on how to make your matcha, which saved me as I had absolutely no clue what I was doing.

One thing I also loved was that in a cute glass or mug, the cup of matcha looks super aesthetically pleasing for a wee Insta snap. 

To add the icing on the cake, they stock homewares including the most aesthetic glass straws, cups, mugs, vases, and coasters to really give your kitchen that ‘i’ve got my sh*t together’ vibe. 

I decided to really push the boat out and try their Organic Hojicha Powder which is a roasted green tea powder with a nutty and toasty flavour. 

This range boasts the same benefits as the organic matcha powder (how good?) 

For someone like me who wanted to make the switch from relying on coffee for my caffeine fix, I found the Hojicha a great option as it’s steamed, dried, and roasted before grinding - giving you the closest thing to coffee in a matcha form. 

All the teas can either be made hot or as a cold latte with some ice, which is definitely my preference. 

You can also add matcha or Hojicha to smoothies or baking to add a bit of extra something-something. 

There are a few different matcha brands on the market at the moment like Matcha Matcha and T2’s range, but it's bloody nice to support two local wahines who know their shit!

"Tea is part of our rich history and culture. We are thankful to continue and explore our interpretation of it," May explained. 

"Obsessed" with the unique and delicious flavour of matcha, they tasted and tested over 50 variants before settling on their signature flavour, so you know you're in safe hands!

Co-founders of THEA, May and Enna. SOURCE: Co-founders of THEA, May and Enna. SOURCE:

From reading their story and trying their product, you can certainly feel the love, care, and passion that goes into crafting their range of matcha. 

After this eye-opening experience, I can’t yet say I’m fully converted and leaving my coffee days behind, but you bet this summer will be filled with some matcha lattes to wake me up. 

@ any of my family members, if you’re reading this, I’ll be expecting this in my stocking this year.