This Kiwi business will anonymously send a sausage to anyone in New Zealand for you
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This Kiwi business will anonymously send a sausage to anyone in New Zealand for you

You'd think we were kidding.

Ever thought you might like to gift someone a sausage? 

No neither. 

But if you had, your prayers may have just been answered. 

A new kiwi business is giving you the opportunity to gift anyone in the country a sausage. 

You read that right, a sausage. 

‘Send a sausage’ lets you anonymously send one singular vacuum-sealed sausage to anyone in New Zealand. 

Their slogan ‘Say it with a sausage’ pretty much speaks for itself, orrrr maybe it doesn’t. 

It could be someone you might have a bit of beef with (see what we did there), someone you just want to confuse or maybe even entertain. 

Their website states:

“Stuck for a birthday gift? Send a Sausage! Anniversary coming up? Send a Sausage! A one of a kind gift they will never forget. Laughter and confusion guaranteed.”

I guess a sausage can really fit all occasions in more ways than one…

To order one, you just head straight to their website, which gives you the option for gift wrapping, and then you fill in the details of the person you wish to send it to. 

The sausages alone are priced at $19.99 NZD and if you wanted that sausage gift-wrapped, it will set you back $23.99 NZD. 

Each delivery comes with a cheeky card inside, which reads,

 “Someone sent you a sausage. Seriously”

Recipients who have already been gifted a sausage have posted to Instagram, sharing their unconventional delivery. 

One user wrote "Surprise sausage in the mail this week. one of a few acceptable kinds of surprise sausage (though I've had a few). 14/10 because it's all for a good cause."

The catch is, on their website there is a disclaimer that the sausages are not fit for human consumption, making your beautifully gifted sausage redundant. 

Your sausage isn’t going completely to waste though. 

For every sausage bought, they make a donation to KiwiHarvest, supplying a meal to a less fortunate kiwi in need. 

So far, they’ve already provided over 3,000 meals to kiwis across the country. 

Now we can definitely get behind that. 

Nevertheless, the gift will certainly guarantee a laugh, some confusion, and an entertaining story. 

To order a sausage or to find out more, click here.