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WATCH: Matiu from Six60 learns about the Black Ferns’ RWC win on stage in front of 20,000 fans

“The Black Ferns are the world champions baby!”

After a freaking incredible weekend for women’s sport, the New Zealand Black Ferns claimed their title as champions for the Women's Rugby World Cup, but the support didn’t stop at Eden Park. All of Aotearoa including Six60’s 20,000-person Rotorua show backed our girls in black.

In a video posted to Instagram, Six60 shared a clip of the moment the band and their fans heard the news of the epic 34 - 31 win against the England Women’s team.

They captioned the post: “Congratulations to the World Champions our @blackferns. An inspiration to all of us. We found the news out during our show and 20,000 strong celebrated with us in Rotorua”

Check out the TOTT podcast to hear Six60's Chris Mac respond to the racist Aussie TV host who criticised their Te Reo tour poster:

Fans can be heard repeatedly yelling “the black ferns won” to get the band's attention.

Six60 frontman Matiu Walters then proudly announces to the audience: “I have a man yelling in my ear and it’s some bloody good news that I just heard…”

“The Black Ferns are the world champions baby”

The whole crowd erupted into cheers for the news as the whole country celebrated the inspiring efforts of our wahine toa. 

Comments of support and pride came flooding in the comments section.

One proud fan wrote: “Wow aren’t we NZ lucky for our cool as Black Ferns & Six60’s the best. I love being a Kiwi!”

“Woohoooooo hoooo a great band and a great team!!! So proud to be Kiwi!!” Echoed another.

The Black Ferns’ official Instagram threw the love straight back to the band writing: “See you next week back at the Garden boys!”

On Saturday, after their 12th straight victory, there was nothing but happiness and hugs all around when the final whistle blew.

A record crowd of just over 42,500 spectators watched on as one of the best women's rugby matches ever played.

Huge day for rugby, a huge day for women and a huge day for all of us to never forget that you are unstoppable when you set your mind to it.