Hell Pizza dropped a vegetarian steak and cheese pie pizza AND sauce made with real blood
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Hell Pizza dropped a vegetarian steak and cheese pie pizza AND sauce made with real blood

We're as confused as you are.

If you're keen on the sort of feed that leaves you confused and maybe a little afraid, you may want to try the latest from Hell Pizza: A vegetarian steak and cheese pie pizza, with a side of deer blood sauce. 

Yeah, I'm still trying to make sense of it too. But let me explain as best I can. 

Hell has recreated the iconic steak and cheese pie in the form of a vegetarian pizza, using Fable plant-based steak - made from Shiitake mushrooms - instead of the real deal. 

Here's where things get kind of freaky though. In order to "ensure their meat-loving customers don't feel their blood boil at the news of the vegetarian pizza", Hell is offering an optional side of 'To-Meat-O Sauce', infused with capsules of deer blood. 

The sauce, which you can add on to your order for free, arrives in a hospital-style blood bag that reads: 

"No animals were harmed in the making of our new steak and cheese pie pizza, seemed like a missed opportunity, so we killed loads of them to make this sauce. 

"Enjoy the sumptuous taste of irony as you drizzle your vegetarian pizza with a whole farmyard in liquid form." 

The ingredients are listed as '"tomatoes, vinegar, beef stock, deer blood, some sheep maybe? Honestly, we lost track of went in the blender." 

Under 'nutritional information', the bag reads: "There's barely any. Nutrition, that is. Let's be honest though, you're not coming here for your health." 

Unsurprisingly, the twist on tomato sauce is the first of its kind in Aotearoa. Along with the fake steak, the pizza features the traditional gravy, cheddar, mozzarella and flaky puff pasty you'd normally find in a steak and cheese pie. 

The new menu items launched today, and will be available for a limited time.