How to tell if people are stalking you on instagam
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This TikTok hack apparently shows you if someone's secretly stalking you on Insta and it's wild

Y'all sneaky snakes are being caught red handed with this one!

So we’ve all been getting those random bots popping up in the views of our Instagram stories, right? If you haven’t, you might want to check because one TikToker reckons she’s caught some sneaky stalkers in the act!

@ireeeezzeyy posted her theory to TikTok and even gave it a go herself to test how accurate her idea is.

According to the TikToker, when those random af bots appear in the list of people who have viewed your Instagram story, they are actually users of third-party websites who are sneaking a peek at your page without logging into their own accounts.

She started by pointing to a screenshot of the bots and saying: “These accounts viewing your stories are people stalking you."

She then shared how a friend of hers had blocked a guy before noticing all these random bots beginning to appear, and that’s when they began to question it all!

Just to test her theory out, the TikToker posted to her story. She then went onto one of those third-party websites to try and view her account, and would you believe it - it worked!

She went back to check the views of her IG story, and surprise, surprise, a bunch of bot accounts popped up.

SOURCE: @ireeeezzeyy TikTok


She ended her TikTok by saying: “I don’t know why anyone would want to anonymously view your stories but do what you wish with this information and stay safe.”

Although it doesn’t tell you who the sneaky snakes are, it is the first step in figuring out that you have some pretty dodgy people lurking on your page.

But that’s not the only hack to figuring out who is creeping in the dark shadows of Instagram.

Another TikToker reckons she figured out how to tell who’s behind the anonymous stalking.

Her bloody brilliant hack exposes anyone who has created a fake account to view your stories undercover.

In the clip, @therealtarnanlamb explained that by using Instagram’s “forgot password” tool, you can enter the phoney account’s username to find out the user's email address's first and last letters, as well as the last two digits of their phone number.

Based on this, you can then narrow down your search and find a match. It does take a bit of work, but if you have serious concerns, it might be worth the hassle.