This lady had 23 contacts removed from her eye and it'll ruin your day but you've gotta see it
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This lady had 23 contacts removed from her eye and it'll ruin your day but you've gotta see it

This is why you should never sleep while wearing contacts
17 October 2022 3:55PM

An eye specialist from the US has given a pretty extreme warning to those who sleep wearing their contacts, and let me tell you, the footage is rank af, but we simply can't look away!

The doctor has shared a clip of a patient who needed 23 contacts removed from their eye and if you’re easily disturbed, consider this your official warning.

Dr Katerina Kurteeva from California Eye Associates Ophthalmologist went viral from the video after removing a load of green contact lenses from a patient’s eye after they complained about experiencing irritation - no kidding, that shit looks nasty!

Kurteeva has written a pretty detailed response to the procedure for Business Insider where she explains, “I’ve never seen anything like it,” and details why the heck you should never sleep with your contacts in.

Yeah nobody wants to end up like this woman, I can’t bare the sight of it! 

“When a person wears contact lenses over a long time, it can cause desensitisation of the corneal nerve endings,” Kurteeva wrote.

“She wouldn’t have felt something like 23 contact lenses as sharply. It also could have been her age. Older people’s eyelid fornix, the least sensitive space, is much deeper, and the contact lenses just sat there for a while not bothering her.”

That’s insane because any tiny speck that gets near my eye will cause me to start planning my own funeral. 

Imagine complaining from 23 lost contacts sitting back there - brb going to go have a quick vom! 

“I feel really lucky to have captured this on the video to remind people to remove their contact lenses every single night,” Kurteeva continued.

“This was a happy ending, but it could have gone sour really quickly.”

Well, that’s going to haunt my dreams tonight! But I do feel like I have to watch it one more time…