How to use your annual leave in 2023
What's Good
What's Good

We know how you can score some extra long weekends in 2023, but keep it on the d-low

Stack up your annual leave, cause you'll need it!

With 2023 arriving in full force and everyone starting to plan their holiday getaways, let’s make sure to optimise that downtime and get the most out of this year's annual leave.

Lucky for you, I’ve taken the time to do some pretty serious research - at least that’s what I told my boss - to make sure that we all enjoy some extra long weekends in 2023.


Public Holiday: Monday, February 6th

Tip: Use 1 day AL on Friday, February 3rd

Days off: 4

If you live in Aukland or Nelson, Monday, January 30th is also a public holiday for you and if you want to be really sneaky and strategic, taking Tuesday - Friday off may just get you a whole 8 days to relax.


Public Holiday: Friday, April 7 & Monday, April 10

Tip: Use 4 days annual leave on either side of this weekend to enjoy a full 10 days holiday

Days off: 10 

Southland it’s your turn to make the most of your Anniversary day on Tuesday, April 11, so you lucky ones already get a good 5 days, but to stretch that even further why not use the strategy above using only 3 days of annual leave for the full 10 days break? How good!

I mean, we're definitely going to need a break from scoffing down tonnes of choccie right?!


Public Holiday: Tuesday, April 25th

Tip: Use 1 day annual leave on Monday, April 24th

Days off: 4


Public Holiday: Monday, June 5th

Tip: Use 1 day of annual leave on Friday, June 2nd to enjoy an extended King’s Birthday weekend - how strange is that to see?!

Days off: 4


Public holiday: Friday, July 14th

Tip: how about using 4 days annual leave on Monday 10th July - Thursday 13th July and enjoying the whole week off?

Days off: 9


Public Holiday: Monday, October 23rd

Tip: You know the drill by now, taking 1 day of annual leave on Friday will get you another extended long weekend.

Days off: 4

But, if you’re a Hawke’s Bay resident  Friday, October 20, is your Anniversary Day, so consider it an absolute done deal with no annual leave needed - BONUS!

Marlborough you're in for one of those 10 days off in a row treats with Monday, October 30th being your anniversary so taking 4 days annual leave between Tuesday, October 24th - Friday, October 27th will mean you get a full 10 days to do something fun. 


Public holidays: Monday 25th, Tuesday 26th December

Tip: We’re in for a pretty convenient four-day weekend in 2023 because Christmas and Boxing Day fall on a Monday and a Tuesday. Using 3 days of annual leave in those tricky days between Christmas and New Year will give us all the longest break to kick start 2024 in the best way possible - at a festie obvs, but we will 100% need those days to recover!

Days off: 11

And BOOM it’s 2024… How wild is that to think about? With these strategic tips you’re in for a well-deserved break, just get in quick before all your other workmates do the same!