Woman furious BeReal notification comes up just after she leaves drinks with the girls
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Kinda True News

Woman furious BeReal notification comes up just after she leaves drinks with the girls

“Great, now it’s just me on the couch for the 4th night in a row”

A woman has been left fuming after a poorly timed BeReal notification.

After a week of early nights spent binge-watching Netflix, Monique Slipperson was excited to finally leave the house for drinks with the girls.

“Obviously I was super excited just to see everyone and catch up.” Says Slipperson.

“But I was stoked that I could finally show all my other friends on BeReal that I actually do have more of a life than just sitting on the couch or lying in bed”.

Slipperson was out celebrating her bestie Laura’s birthday complete with gold helium ‘25’ balloons which were going to look perfect for her rear-camera pic.

“It was the perfect setting, we had the long table with me right in the middle, you really couldn’t have asked for a better BeReal location.”

But what Slipperson really was asking for, was her ‘FKing’ BeReal notification to hurry up and pop up.

“As soon as we sat down I made sure my phone was front and center so as soon as it came up, I was on to it. But it honestly just wouldn’t come up.”

“We had been out for 2 hours and still NOTHING.” She said, getting fired up all over again just thinking about it.

“I could tell everyone was getting ready to leave and the notification but thought ‘everything happens for a reason’ so I decided to shout a round of shots to make them stay”.

However, despite her best efforts, the group decided to call it a night and head home, without any BeReal proof of Monique having ever left the comfort of her house.

*ding* Monique heard from her pocket as she sat down on the couch to take off her shoes.

“You’ve got to be FKing kidding me,” Monique thought to herself.

And sure enough, it was BeReal telling her she had 2 mins to take a pic.

It’s not the first time Monique’s been screwed over by the app.

Just last week Monique was sadly attending her Nana’s funeral when the notification loudly went off.

‘This is what Nana would’ve wanted’ thought Monique as she pulled out her phone, perfectly capturing the disgust of her second cousins sitting in the row in front of her.

Alright, Monique isn’t a real person but we’ve all been screwed over by the BeReal timing.