This company wants to pay someone $5k a month to basically vlog themselves travelling NZ + Aus
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This company wants to pay someone $5k a month to basically vlog themselves travelling NZ + Aus

Time to channel your inner Emma Chamberlain.

Ever wanted to vlog, travel, and get paid for it? Well, that is exactly the job being offered by Deel - a global HR tech company. 

The job title is ‘digital nomad e-van-gelist’, it pays $5k a month and all you have to do is travel up and down Aussie and NZ in a van and document whatever you get up to, posting the content on Deel's socials - you'll basically be Emma Chamberlain living in a van. 

Your mates will be e-van-jealous if ya get the gig. 

The job will last six months, they’ll give you a weekly allowance for food, gas, and parking, and the van is fully furnished. 

Um, if you don't, I will. 

Shannon Karaka, the country leader and head of expansion for Australia and New Zealand at Deel, reckons someone who’s ready to spread their wings and see what’s out there would be gun for the role. 

“This role would be perfect for someone ready to unplug from their routine and embark on a journey across our marvellous natural landscapes, diverse city life and unique cultures. If I had better camera skills, I’d be packing my bag,” she said. 

They are looking for someone with a bit of experience (3+ years) in the content creation realm - as a social media manager, influencer, or brand ambassador - unfortunately for me, drunk Snapchat stories do not count as ‘content creation’. 

Here’s a more in-depth rundown of what the role will actually consist of, taken from the job listing on their website. 

What you’ll do:

- Regularly create and upload content related to your van journey on your own and Deel’s social platforms

- Demonstrate the wide range of capabilities available in the Deel platform, including what it’s like to work and get paid through Deel

- Host meetups with other remote workers and interview with Deel clients for testimonials