Turns out Lizzo and Lisa Simpson are both huge fans of NZ's Bret McKenzie so that's a bit cute
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Turns out Lizzo and Lisa Simpson are both huge fans of NZ's Bret McKenzie so that's a bit cute

Lizzo sings a song by the Flight of the Conchords in a new Simpsons episode - what an iconic trifecta?!

Lizzo, Bret McKenzie and The Simpsons - what a truly batshit but iconic combo. 

Not only is our girl Lizzo a huge fan of Kiwi icon Bret McKenzie from Flight of the Conchords, she's set to sing a song he wrote in an upcoming episode of The Simpsons. 

Humble brag, but I was lucky enough to hear about this yarn straight from the mouth of one of The Simpsons' key writers, Tim Long.

The Edge was invited to the D23 Expo 2022 in California, where the cast and creators of the show held a panel hosted by Lisa Simpson herself (Yeardly Smith). 

Anywho, not only did Tim Long reveal Lizzo's involvement, he said she loved Bret Mckenzie so much, she recognised him on sight via a Zoom call. 

"She was like 'Oh, it's Brit!'," he said, referencing Bret's Kiwi accent. "And she started singing the Flight of the Conchords song 'Bret, You've Got It Goin' On'." 

As if we didn't already think Lizzo was a goddamn queen. Tim Long explained that Lizzo loves the Simpsons so much, she actually approached the show herself and asked if she could guest star on an episode. 

"She was jaw-droppingly great and incredibly nice, " Tim said of Lizzo. 

Meanwhile, the woman behind the voice of Lisa Simpson is also in awe of Bret McKenzie's talent. 


"I had to sing in front of him, which could not have been more nerve-wracking," Yeardly Smith said - and yes, she did do the Lisa voice, not not NEARLY often enough IMO. 

Writing this from the D23 Expo media room, where you best believe I'm wolfing down all the free Hershey's chocolate and Dr Pepper I can manage, I have to say it was pretty special to hear the stories of these superstars gushing over one of New Zealand's finest comedic and musical exports.