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This house's levitating 'Stranger Things' Halloween decoration is totally unbelievable

The best decorated house goes to....

We’re just over a month away from Halloween, but one couple has already won for best decorations with their “top tier” recreation of Max Mayfield from ‘Stranger Things’ levitating scene - we just can’t figure out how they did it!

A couple of prop makers from the US posted their amazing decoration to their TikTok account @Horrorprops, where a replica of Max is seen floating up off the ground. Prop creator Aubrey is seen standing under the decoration, so how the heck did the decoration get up there? 

Okay, stop playing, where is Vecna?!

Aubrey and Dave posted a second video to their account, giving us a closer look at the epic decoration with a very fitting backing track to ‘Running Up That Hill’ by Kate Bush from season 4 of the Netflix hit series.

But it did not stop there, the pair have kept adding to their creepy creations with multiple other ‘Stranger Things’ props to upgrade their scene, including the broken clock from the show.

What makes it even more amazing is that “the sound in the video is coming from the clock itself,” the account wrote.

Fans of the show have praised the couple's incredible effort, with one TikTok user writing: “These are all top tier! Soooo cool.”

Another agreed saying: “y’all have the BEST decorated house..HANDS DOWN!”

"I wanna visit your house for Halloween,” wrote a third, and we are in too! 

The only question left is when are we going?

Of course, we are still a few weeks out from seeing the end result and no doubt we will be seeing a heck of a lot more ‘Stranger Things’ inspired designs all over TikTok, but for now, I guess we will have to keep rewatching the levitating Max vid… seriously how the fk is she up there?