‘Puts the ugly eggs on his plate’: You told us your dating green flags and God these are good
What's Good
What's Good

‘Puts the ugly eggs on his plate’: You told us your dating green flags and God these are good

It’s always the little things

Tiktok is full of people listing ‘dating red flags’ but what about green flags? We asked you about the little things that show your date is a good person - and you answered. 

- Starts cleaning up without being asked. “I went to a dinner with his family and when he was done eating he took his plate to the kitchen and didn’t just wait for his mum to clean up for him”

- When they reply quickly

- “When they cook eggs and give you the perfect ones, and then put the ugly eggs on their plate.”

- Kind to animals

- “He ordered himself a mocha. A man who knows he likes his coffee to be a little chocolate treat too, and isn't embarrassed about it. I don’t know why but that’s kind of sexy.” 

- When they have lots of female friends. “This is usually a bit controversial but I think it's very telling if they don't have any female friends because there's obviously a reason women don't want to be around him.”

Steve and Robin Stranger Things

- Polite and friendly to shopkeepers. “He knew the name of the owner at his local dairy and asked how his kids were”

- Little gestures that show they are thinking about your wellbeing.  “My ex used to put a glass of water on my side of the bed when I had a few wines.” 

- He has a good relationship with his mother. “How he talks about his mum is such an indicator of his personality, if he's close with his mother and respectful towards her (but not in a co-dependant mummy’s boy way) big green flag! Guys who are awful to their mothers will wind up being awful to you.”

- Will hang out with you and your family. “He was so game to come do weird family activities with me and my sisters”

- He’s been to therapy. Say no more.

- “When they're bad at taking photos! Love that! Living in the moment”

- Brings you food and/or coffee. The way to the heart is through the stomach.