Move aside cheese boards, TikTok's butter board trend is taking over, and our bodies are ready
What's Good
What's Good

Butter boards are taking over your wine and cheese nights, and the options are endless

Why have we never thought of this before?

Butter board? Yes, butter board is currently the hot trend about to take over your wine and cheese nights with many people trying it out along with giving it their stamp of approval, calling it a 'genius food trend'.

The butter board is basically your cheese board except it's smothered with butter + any and every topping and seasoning that you can imagine - the options are endless!

User @justine_snacks is the one who set up this new food trend on the internet.

"I want to make it the next charcuterie board," Justine says on her Tiktok. 

"It's all about - if you're serving a group of people, like spread a bunch of soft butter on a plate, add tons of flaky salt, tons of lemon zests, any herbs or toppings you like," she said. 

"Serve with warm bread and it just feels like really communal. I love it".

People have loved it and have created their own versions of the butter board based on their taste buds. 

User @themodernnonna shared her butter board and thanked Justine for the creation.

"A Butter Board IS THE MOST BRILLIANT IDEA I Have Ever Come Across," she wrote in her caption thanking Justine for the idea.

She added fig preserve, fresh figs, hot honey, flaky salt and walnuts for crunch.

Get in my belly!

Okay so now I'm hungry and want to try every combination of a butter board possible - who's coming over?