You can now buy jewellery made from, ahem, male bodily fluids, and we wish we were kidding
Sophie van Soest
Sophie van Soest

You can now buy jewellery made from, ahem, male bodily fluids, and we wish we were kidding

Nothing says I love you more...

You wouldn’t believe it but, Semen jewellery is now a thing where you can turn “man juices” into the perfect ‘pearl’ necklace for a loved one or yourself - who are we to judge?

Sculptor and jeweller Amanda Booth spoke with Vice about the "jizzy jewellery” company that she started in 2021. Amanda makes wearable sculptures and trinkets out of breast milk, cremated ashes, fur and locks of hair.

But, it was one comment on a TikTok of hers that got the funky idea to add semen to the list.

The user asked if she ever used "man juices" to create the jewellery, Amanda then shared a half-joking Facebook post about the request, but what she didn’t expect was that she actually received serious orders for it.

So, for the jiz biz to begin, she tested it out using her husband Jesse’s samples to mix the perfect clay. I guess that makes the most sense - right?!

Amanda revealed that “at least a teaspoon” of liquid is required to make the perfect clay but of course, “more is better”.

After popping them in the oven - pun intended - she was away laughing as they “turned out perfect”.

Although, as you can imagine, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows when dealing with the stuff.

Amanda explained that clients send samples of semen to her workshop, which then get dehydrated, powdered, and turned into wearable clay beads.

“We process them at the end of the day. Otherwise, we're sitting in the smell all day. We did it in the morning one day, and it was just like, 'No, I'm never doing that again."

Fair enough. I can’t even begin to imagine the horror!

Many viewers of Booth's TikTok videos have taken to the comments to share their curiosity and also poke fun at the liquid love turned into jewellery.

One person wrote: "I'm carrying your love with meee."

"Oh my god, I love your bracelet. What is it?" "My unborn children,” another joked.

A third said: "Imagine 75 years from now finding a necklace at goodwill and not knowing it has this in it."

Luckily once the jewellery is made you would never be able to tell what is in the clay bead, so it really is your little secret!

After a little research she does ship to NZ - I guess now the question is, who is bold enough to get one?