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What's Good

WATCH: The trailer for Ricky and Morty season 6 has just dropped!

Aw geez, Rick, this looks like it's gonna be good!
12 August 2022 10:10AM

The full trailer for season six of Rick and Morty has just dropped!

**Season 5 spoliers ahead**

The trailer reveals this season is packed with its usual action. It looks like season 6 will also have its usual Rick and Morty antics, like the return of Space Beth, the TKTK arcade game, and Rick escaping the universe to run away from his problems. 

Have a watch of the trailer below. 

In season 5, we found out that Rick was limiting the amount of universes he could travel to, and killing a bunch of other Ricks to make himself the smartest Rick.

Evil Morty ended up breaking through the central finite curve, escaping the infinite universes Rick created, no longer making him the smartest being in the available universes.

Meanwhile, (regular) Morty turned down the offer of joining Evil Morty in escaping Rick's other-wordly genius.

Co-creator of the series Justin Roiland said at San Diego Comic-Con that season 6 will be "f**king amazing," and a "f**king quality season."

The first episode of season 6 is set to drop on Netflix in NZ on September 5th.