Struggling uni girl who lives in overdraft spends full cost of living payment within minutes
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Kinda True News

Struggling uni girl who lives in overdraft spends full cost of living payment within minutes

"As an Aquarius, I’m quite impulsive"

While the majority of Kiwis were delighted to see the cost of living payment in their bank accounts overnight, there were some who never realised it had ever been in there.

Earlier this year, the government announced that NZ Tax Residents who earn under $70,000 a year will receive a cost of living payment of $350, paid in three instalments.

24-year-old University of Cantebury student, Caitlin Watson, spoke about her initial excitement about receiving the first of the government’s incentives.

“Honestly, I was thinking of using it to finally get my car looked at after driving around with the engine light on for the past 3 months.”

Caitlin, who is still needing to pay off her afterpay, owes her friend $12.70 for lunch the other day, and has just added another year onto her student loan after changing her degree for the third time, knew she should put the bonus money “to good use”.

But in what she describes as a ‘mid’ decision, Caitlin accidentally spent the full amount on a deposit for flights to Europe.

“I’d seen my friend Charlotte posting stories from Italian vineyards and thought ‘money will come back but i’ll never be 24 eating grapes with Lorenzo in Tuscany again’ ha ha ha.”

“As an Aquarius, I’m quite impulsive and knew there was still a couple more cost of living payments so just booked the flights”.

Within minutes of the payment being in her account, it was gone but Caitlin says she’s thankful for the IRD helping her “live her best life”.

When asked if she has any regrets about wasting away the payment, she disregarded them with ease.

“Mum just transferred me money for the lunch which is great because now I can put that towards the uber to the airport.”


This may be a fictitious story about a fictitious person but we all know a 'Caitlin'.