NZ Redditor asks computer to show Akl, Welly and Chch in 50 years and it's a huge uh-oh moment
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NZ Redditor asks computer to show Akl, Welly and Chch in 50 years and it's a huge uh-oh moment

Anyone got a boat?

A Reddit user asked artificial intelligence to show us our biggest cities in the year 2070 and it's giving us biiig climate change anxiety because hella parts of the cities are all underwater.

The user, u/PrehistoricNiecty, asked the AI to predict the futures for Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington and it’s looking like anyone living in those cities is gonna have to start saving for a boat. 

We’ll take a look at Auckland first. As the city of sails, they should be well equipped for the upcoming sea level rising if this AI is right. It’s also looking like the Skytower will be getting a bit of competition, so the bungee jumping business might take a big leap. 

On the bright side, there’ll be lots more options for where we can chuck the fabled waterfront stadium. 

A couple of Aucklanders noticed that there won’t be much improvement to help solve the traffic problems in the city. 

“Looks like we’ll still be waiting for a 2nd harbour crossing,” commented one. 

“And the State Highway 1 South Auckland roadworks are still underway,” said another. 

Here’s what our capital Welly looks like. It’s good that the AI managed to capture Wellington on one of the three sunny days of the year. 

Wellingtonians were quick to notice a couple of things missing. 

“Where are the real estate billboards?” asked one. 

“100% Reading cinemas still won’t be rebuilt,” called another - IFYKY, RIP to the Reading mall. 

Christchurch looks like it’s going to meet a similar fate to the North Island cities. 

Having been built on swampland, this really isn’t out of the realm of possibility. 

With what looks like the cathedral being absolutely massive, one commenter noticed that it might be a bit expenny. 

“I knew that cathedral was going to blow over budget!” they said. 

Others were quick to notice there’s still no new stadium. 

“Going back to its original marshland state, nice, plus still waiting on that new stadium I see!” one Christchurcher commented. 

“Can't see a stadium yet…” said another. 

If there’s anything to take away from what our AI overlords are showing us, it's to prepare for loads more beach parties and maybe swap that car out for a boat.