Scotland becomes the first country to offer free period products to 'anyone who needs them'
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Scotland becomes the first country to offer free period products to 'anyone who needs them'

NZ take note!

Scotland is making moves as it becomes the first country in the world to legally protect the right to free period products with new legislation coming into effect this week.

The Period Products Act legally requires councils and schools and universities to give free sanitary products to people who need them.

Tampons, pads, and reusable items are currently provided in some Scottish schools, colleges, and universities, but now there will be wider access to sanitary products in any gendered or unisex public bathroom.

The exact arrangements will be decided individually by Scotland's councils, but they will have a legal obligation to provide "anyone who needs them" a range of sanitary products with "easy access".

To help people locate the products easily, the app ‘Pickupmyperiod’ has been created with a list of places that provide menstrual products to any member of the public for free.

The best part is you can find the nearest collection facility while on the move or closest to home with a range of pads, tampons, reusable and even plastic-free options!

The other part of the scheme is being able to order online single-use and reusable products online through a local council. The only restriction is that you must be a resident of Scotland. 

So regardless of gender, location, income or anything else you can use this app 

We love an all-inclusive service!

Labour MSP Monica Lennon introduced the legislation, which was unanimously approved by the Scottish Parliament back in 2020.

“I’m proud to have pioneered the Period Products Act which is already influencing positive change in Scotland and around the world,” said Lennon

“Local authorities and partner organisations have worked hard to make the legal right to access free period products a reality.”

She added: “I’m grateful to them and the thousands of people who have got involved across the country. This is another big milestone for period dignity campaigners.”

We love to see the progression happening on the other side of the world and here’s hoping we see the same effort to tackle period poverty here in NZ in the near future!