a hand from above holding a giant squiggle cookie
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Moustache Cookie Bar have released a Giant Squiggles cookie and yes fkn please

Introducing the one way ticket to my heart.
10 August 2022 4:45PM

Moustache Milk & Cookie Bar have made our childhood dreams come true by making GIANT SQUIGGLES available for sale.

They made the announcement in a Facebook post alongside photos of the heavenly cookies and they look sooo goood. 

“Let us present to you the GIANT SQUIGGLES,” they said, hooking us in immediately. 

“We have taken the classic Kiwi bikkie and made it bigger and better than ever before. In the formulation process of this recipe, we knew we wanted to take everything we love about the sweet treat and take it to the next level.”

“We made the chocolate coating thicker, the filling creamier and the honeycomb crunchier - all while using our iconic buttery cookie as the base.”

If you could keep your mouth from watering while reading that then there might be something wrong with you (or you might just be a healthy eater, fair play). 

Unfortunately, the big cookies are only available for a limited time at two of Moustache’s Auckland stores - Orakei and Manakau - so if you’re not in the area you’ll probably gonna wish you never saw this. 

If the sheer glory of a giant squiggle cookie isn’t enough for you, to celebrate their tenth birthday, Moustache will be donating 50c of every Giant Squiggle sold to Kiwi charities. 

Commenters on the Facebook post are just like us in the way they’re gushing over the creation. 

“I swear the only word to describe you and your talent is limitless,” said one commenter. 

“I wish I’d never followed this page… I can’t ever unsee this,” said another who we’re gonna guess does not live in Auckland.

Lots of Christchurchers were commenting on the post, begging for some giant squiggle action down in Canterbury, but sorry Cantabrians, sucks to suck.