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Flatmates consider actually cleaning the house to try to fill void left by end of Love Island

"Things are already dicey as is, my flatmate has been yelling ‘LIAR’ and speaking in an Italian accent. She’s not even remotely Italian.”

A group of Wellington flatmates have awoken to the sudden realisation that they now have five hours a week of time to fill after the season finale of Love Island.

“I knew it was coming, I just didn’t expect it to come so soon.” says Steph Munson.

Steph explained the group now feels as though they’ve been left with a “gaping void” in their lives without hearing the nightly 'ding' of the Love Islanders receiving a text or learning who will be pulling who for a chat.

As if the feeling of emptiness wasn't enough, the flatmates have also discovered they now have to deal with their real lives and actual relationship issues, rather than living vicariously through the romance rollercoaster of Ekin-Su and Davide.

The sense of dread amongst the reality TV lovers has become so palpable, Josh Matthews admitted he at one point suggested the group partake in a "flat clean" just to distract themselves.

"The fact that Josh was actually considering cleaning behind the fridge where that unknown green stuff is, that just shows how desperate some of us are getting," says Jess Walters, another flatmate.

Meanwhile, Steph suggested they crank the heat pump, get into their togs and brainstorm some challenge ideas to dull the pain, but it soon became clear that could complicate flat dynamics in a way trashy TV never does.

“Things are already dicey as is. My flatmate has been yelling ‘LIAR’ and speaking in an Italian accent non-stop. She’s not even remotely Italian.”

It's now been almost two months since the first episode of Love Island UK aired, and the group has spent approximately 41 hours watching the show that could have otherwise been spent doing uni assignments, meal prepping or even reading a book.

"I haven't called my mum in ages," Jess said.

The flat is trying to look on the positive side, though. They say they don't think their Uber Eats bill will be as high, as they'll have more time to cook (yeah, righto), but they are aware it won't be long until the next reality series starts up again.


Look, we might have made up this story but we all know someone going through Love Island withdrawal right now.