'I'm thrilled': Ella Ding from MAFS is joining a hit UK reality TV show and people are shook
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'I'm thrilled': Ella Ding from MAFS is joining a hit UK reality TV show and people are shook

"I can assure you I won't be marrying a stranger this time."

Ella Ding from Aussie’s latest season of MAFS is riding the reality TV wave with the announcement that she will be joining one of the UK’s favourite reality shows.

It was announced over the weekend that she will be a part of the next season of ‘Made in Chelsea’, a show that “follows the lives and loves of the socially elite 20-somethings who live in some of London’s most exclusive postcodes,” according to the show’s website

I’ve seen ‘Made in Chelsea’ once or twice in my life and it’s basically a much, much, much, much classier version of Geordie Shore. There’s less partying, out-of-line behaviour and the absence of a ‘shag pad’, but there’s still drama and British people yelling at each other. 

E4, the channel that airs the show in the UK, posted a photo on Twitter of Ms Ding next to the Chelsea Square sign (that I assume is where a lot of the show takes place). The caption of the tweet reads: 

“The sun may have set in Mallorca but there’s a new ray of sunshine coming to Chelsea this autumn. Ella May Ding, welcome to #MadeinChelsea #MAFSA”

Ella was a fan favourite on MAFS, having amassed the most Instagram followers out of the whole season 9 cast, which obviously isn’t the greatest indicator of someone’s character, but replies to her ‘Made in Chelsea’ move indicate she is a great gal. 

“This is actually amazing, I will start watching now,” said one. 

“Oh this is amazing news,” said another. “Ella was a real gem on MAFSA. I’m predicting Ella and Miles, and he’d be very lucky.” 

Another tweet dropped so great of a pun that I had to include it for you to see. 

“May Ding Chelsea?” 


Ella told Daily Mail UK that she can’t wait to join such a popular show, and that there should be no eloping with a random this time round. 

“I’m thrilled to be joining ‘Made in Chelsea,’” she said. “Which I know is a much-loved show here in the UK.”

“I can assure you I won’t be marrying a stranger this time!”