Aucklander bravely messages 'FK it's cold ae' to South Island friend
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Kinda True News

Aucklander bravely messages 'FK it's cold ae' to South Island friend

"Even my flat white won't warm me up! ha ha ha "
10 August 2022 6:38AM

As the South Island braces for what’s being called the ‘coldest week of the year', an Aucklander has boldly texted their Cromwell friend about how “freezing it’s been lately”.

“Like, I had to have the heat pump on all night!” exclaimed Sophie Harden-Upton.

However, Upton was left confused as her friend from Cromwell, Jared responded “are you joking? Grow up”.

Sophie’s poorly timed comments come as central Otago in the South Island is expected to reach temperatures as low as -6C.

Meanwhile, in Auckland, Sophie says “my puffer jacket has never seen so much action, even my flat white won’t warm me up! Ha ha ha.”

“I had to de-ice my windshield, before finding out the road was closed from the snow,” replied Jared.

“I know how you feel, It felt like FOREVER before my car seat warmers finally heated up to 26 degrees this morning," Sophie reportedly said.

This isn’t the first time Sophie’s forgotten to read the room, especially with Jared.

Last year, she sent a less than ideal text message to Jared on the morning of his grandma's funeral.

"Omg hope you're ok today babe, I found it really hard when I had to take my cat to the vet this time last year so I get it. Here if you need xox."

Jared told us he wrote and deleted "get a grip" several times before just replying "k thanks".

He gets close to the end of his rope with Sophie sometimes, but then he remembers her parents have a sick bach in the Coromandel that he def wants to stay in when the weather finally warms up in all parts of the country.

Alright, so neither Sophie nor Jared are real people, but if you're from down south you totally know a Sophie, and if you're from Auckland you probably are Sophie.