Turns out your younger sibling will have a better love life

trending 08/03/2017

Yesterday it was telling us what the most common dreams actually mean, and now studies can prove that your birth order has a drastic affect on how your love life is going to turn out… Well f@#k, if being the middle child wasn't bad enough...

Study shows first-born children are more intelligent than their siblings

According to psychologist Linda Blair, where you sit in the family AND whether you have siblings has a massive impact on your love life. 

The eldest child:

Older kids tend to be the more controlling in sibling dynamics, having qualities which make them more focused and serious. When it comes to relationships, though, this is what you can expect.

In the middle:

Children in the middle of the sibling order tend to be the ones in the middle of family situations, acting as the mediators. They usually show good skills in compromising in relationships and are able to communicate well!

We all know they are A+ qualities to have in any partnership. They’re a step down in the age rank, but a step up in relationship points!

The youngest child:

The youngin's are spontaneous and playful, which come through as great relationship traits to help keep the love alive and to live a simple life together. These traits have shown to make things a bit more exciting in the bedroom too…

However, “they can take quite a bit of looking after” due to their playful nature, which can come across as annoying, especially when their partner is an older sibling.