Aussie YouTuber ruthlessly slams NZ in new viral video

Vids 21/02/2017

We understand that our country may not be everyone's cup of tea, but we didn't know it could be hated so ruthlessly! 

YouTuber Archie Luxury has called Auckland the "worst place on earth to visit", and has posted around sixteen scathing videos about New Zealand over the past few days.

Mr Luxury, who has around 35,000 subscribers, hails from Brisbane and says he was in the city on business.

He hated the weather in Auckland, found it to be highly expensive, overrated, and wondered why anyone would want to live there.

"It's pretty mean, it's vicious, it's savage and I've got to be completely honest with you, I can't wait to get on the next jet plane out of here," he said in one of his many expletive-ridden rants.

"New Zealand really sucks, it just sucks".

His videos involve driving around with taxi drivers, and walking around the city while ranting and swearing.

"Anyone out there who's got New Zealand on your bucket list cross that f**ker off", he says in a special video about the suburb of Parnell.

"Favourite moment in New Zealand - leaving New Zealand," is the last one that he posted, in which he said Auckland was one of the "nastiest" cities he'd been to in his life.

"It's f**king cold and rainy weather, and there's no available women, f**king nasty Kiwi b****es".

Source: Newshub