Naz admits whether she had SEX with Jordan AFTER the show finished!


If you thought Naz revealing she had sex numerous times with Jordan was shocking, sh*t's about to get reeeeeeeeeallllllll!!

Rumours have been circling all day and Guy and Sharyn confront Naz face to face with the allegations!!

A very reliable source was "having a drink with Jordan at a   bar the other night. He revealed that he was sleeping with a crew member the WHOLE way through the show!"

"It's rumoured that he slept with BOTH girls on the over night stay. And when they were at the pub Naz sent through a naughty lingerie pic, and he instantly left to go sex her up!"

"Apparently contractually they have to keep up the facade that their still together but apparently there's nothing there between them and will only see each for photo shoots."