From 'he deserved it' to 'unforgivable': What you said about Will Smith's Oscars slap

"This nonsense wouldn't fly in kindergarten."


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A few changes coming to secret conversations in Facebook Messenger.


Randell made a list of Meg's most cringewrothy FB posts

Why Meg...why??


Facebook to introduce feature which matches friends who secretly say they'd bang each other

This is an interesting idea...

Gypsy Rose & Dee Dee Blanchard’s Facebook page is still active and THAT post is still up

Can't believe it's still up!

Facebook Messenger is FINALLY going to let us un-send messages!

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Facebook to launch new dating feature

Cause we needed another dating app, right?

How to check if your Facebook data was shared in the Cambridge Analytica scandal

Here are the details for those that want to check if their data has been caught up in the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Facebook rolling out the ability to unsend messages

This will make a difference when ~drunk~ us decides to send messages

Facebook has a new tool to combat 'revenge porn'

Not sure if we're on board with this one Facebook...


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Don't fall for it!


Don't fall for this fake viral Facebook post that's freaking people out!

C'mon guys, be smarties!


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There's a Facebook hacking scam making it's way around New Zealand RN

If you've received a message from Jayden K Smith, you're not the only one...


Facebook just went down for 5 minutes and the world ended

Everyone lost their shit.


Here's how you disable having 'seen' on Facebook messages

If we could get rid of "seen" it would actually be life saving...


This is what happens to you when you stop using social media

This is why deactivating social media is the best thing you could ever do for yourself...