Here’s Why Keeping Up With The Kardashians Has Actually Been Pretty Inspiring


Keeping Up With The Kardashians is coming to an end. Over the 14 years, 20 seasons and nine spin off shows, the family have had their fair share of haters. But I’m here to tell you, the Kardashian and Jenner sisters have actually been incredibly inspiring. And here’s why…

  1. The Kardashians helped us embrace our natural bodies and curves. They have boobs, thighs and booties, like regular people. And to see their figures so embraced on the show helped our self-confidence with our own bodies. Gone are the days of being worried that your butt looks big in something. Now it’s like HELL YEAH LOOK AT HOW MASSIVE MY ASS IS IN THIS! And the Kardashians definitely helped this movement of acceptance and pride in our chunky backsides.
  2. I think it’s really inspiring to see women running their own companies and being the decision makers. Yes they have people working alongside them, but at the end of the day, they’re in charge. Each sister is a founder and boss of their respective company. Kylie Cosmetics, Skims, Good American, Poosh and 818 Tequila are all led by a Kardashian/Jenner sister. Talentless? Try to run a company...
  3. Watching Kylie and Kendall’s adoration for Caitlin Jenner never waver, not for one second, through her transition was so awesome to see. No matter her gender, they continued to love and support Caitlin. The entire family’s honesty during her transition journey, helped people understand so much more about what it means to be transgender and it was so encouraging to think that by being so honest with her journey, Caitlin would have helped many others feel more seen, accepted and comfortable living as their true, authentic, amazing selves.

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