What’s Hot: Self Improvement Resources To Read, Watch and Listen To

hot 18/10/2021

This is your guide to things you can read, listen to and watch to guide you on that never-ending journey of self-improvement. Here’s what the team at The Edge are getting around this week!


Brené Brown’s ‘Rising Strong.’

Brené Brown might just be THE self-help guru of the decade and if you haven’t read any of her books, you’re missing out. Brené Brown is a shame researcher and storyteller, with her Ted Talks racking up over 20 million views online. Rising Strong aims to describe a 3-phase process of bouncing back from failure to embrace setbacks, deal with emotions and rise stronger every time.

Struggle, Brené Brown writes, can be our greatest call to courage, and rising strong our clearest path to deeper meaning, wisdom, and hope.

Sarah Wilson’s ‘First, We Make the Beast Beautiful.’

First, We Make the Beast Beautiful is a new story about anxiety, written by Australian lifestyle guru Sarah Wilson. The novel details her life and struggles with bipolar disorder and severe anxiety, creating a read which is a perfect mix of part-memoir and part self-help.

Wilson is raw and unapologetic in her approach, which comes as a refreshing surprise to anyone well versed in the self-help genre. Her candid approach to writing keeps the story from feeling self-absorbed or personal to a point where it becomes unrelatable.

This is a great read for anyone who struggles with anxiety, confusion, and existential curiosity. Sarah normalises these anxious feelings by being brave enough to shine a light towards her own struggles in turn, making us all feel less alone


'How To Fail’ with Elizabeth Day

In the age of high expectations, How To Fail With Elizabeth Day is a podcast that celebrates and normalises the things that aren’t going right in our lives. Each week, a new interviewee joins host Elizabeth Day to explore their own failures and what they’ve learnt from them.

Day describes failure as “a necessary staging post on a journey towards greater success.”

One of the more popular episode of the Podcast series features best-selling author Dolly Alderton, who discusses dating failures in her twenties, the pressure placed on women and how to cope with losing jobs. It’s a great introductory episode to the podcast, and you can listen for free on Spotify here:


Netflix: Headspace Guide To Sleep

Headspace Guide To Sleep is a collaboration with the popular mindfulness website Headpace and Vox Media with the aim to inform and assist people who struggle with getting enough quality sleep.

The series examines the reasons why we don’t sleep, busts some myths, and provides meditation and mindfulness exercises to help us sleep better. The show is visually and audibly pleasing to watch as it uses animation and soothing narration to deliver the information.

If you’re struggling to catch some Zzz’s, then this show is a perfect solution. It’s especially helpful if you’re wound up after bing watching The Night Stalker, or some other Netflix True Crime Original.

Youtube: Jubilee’s ‘Middle Ground’

Rising to virality during lockdown last year, YouTube channel Jubilee aims to bring people with differing opinions together to have candid discussions which create connections and challenge assumptions. Their motto expresses their mission perfectly: “Feel more. Think more. See more in others.”

Middle Ground is an entirely free series produced by the channel, which brings two divided groups together in the attempt to help them find a ‘Middle Ground,’ as the title suggests.

They’ve covered some pretty controversial topics, such as the question of whether Israelis and Palestinians can see eye to eye or the existence of Toxic Masculinity.

Jubilee’s Middle Ground leaves room for all opinions to be heard, valued and understood and sometimes – and we get to learn from all of it!

Head to their YouTube channel to check out one of our favourite episodes; Can Feminists and Non-Feminists Agree On Gender Equality? Get ready for a binge-watching session to follow suit.


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