Jordan 'flipped a coin' to decide if he'd pick Fleur or Naz

The Bachelor NZ 27/04/2017

He literally flipped a coin to decide the winner for The Bachelor New Zealand...

Yep, we're not even joking.

New Zealand's ex-Bachelor Jordan Mauger admitts he "flipped a coin" to decide which girl to pick as the winner on the show.

Jordan sat down for an interview on The Real Pod (the Spinoff's weekly reality TV podcast) last week, revealeing his strategy for deciding whether to choose Fleur or Naz.

“When it came down to the final, I was so uncertain who was going to win," he revealed.

Believe it or not, but Jordan hadn't even made the decision on the DAY OF the final rose ceremony!


"The first helicopter was waiting and they [the producers] said ‘who are they putting in it?’” he went on to say, “so I flipped a coin.”

Wait, whaaaaaaaaaaaat? How is that even allowed?

Guess he just had to do, what he had to do... 

Jordan also revealed that he didn't think it would work out with either of the girls, “I knew it was very likely it wouldn’t work out with anybody... but if you sign up to something, you see it through."

 Watch the moment where Jordan makes his decision below: