Claudia says she would be 'open for another chance with Zac'

The Bachelor NZ 17/05/2017

Awww hon, it's time to let it go...

After making it to the final three vying for the love of Zac Franich, The Bachelor NZ 2017 contestant Claudia says she was "a bit angry" about her surprise ending.

The 21-year-old told The AM Show she went on her fantasy date with Zac last, and heard from the other two women that he didn't want to stay the night with them - but she was still keen.

"Yeah I was really keen to spend some more time with him, as opposed to the other girls who were a little more apprehensive," says Claudia.

"I was really excited and keen for that and he kinda shut me down a little bit. Up until that point I had thought if I was to go home, I would find peace with that because you can tell he's following his heart and I'd probably see it coming. But I didn't see it coming at all."

She says when Zac couldn't say why he'd chosen for her to leave, she "was a bit angry about that".

"I think Viarni's probably going to take it. They're both great girls but Lily's risky and Viarni will be more stable - I think that's what he's after."

Would she try again with Zac if the opportunity came up? "I would have to go in there with my guard up. But maybe. I'd be open to the conversation."

For now, Claudia says she's going to stay in Auckland, "and hopefully the right guy will be somewhere around the corner".

Source: Newshub.