Camila Cabello's new album is an absolute MUST this Summer

The Edge Workday 09/12/2019

Camila Cabello can’t wipe the smile off her face. And for good reason. Following the news that ‘Senorita’ with boyfriend Shawn Mendes was 2019’s most streamed collaboration on Spotify, Camila Cabello has now dropped her second album, Romance.

And she has nailed it.

The entire record expresses a vivid and clear theme of love: the ups, the downs, the excitement and the hurt. Her classic raspy, sexy vocals are on full display. And boy! Some of those high notes that she hits! It sounds so effortless. But I tried to sing along. And trust me. It’s not that easy. Especially in Bad Kind Of Butterflies and her new single Living Proof. Try it, dare ya.

Of course, we had already heard a large chunk of the album with singles ShamelessLiarCry For MeEasy, and the record breaking Senorita. The rest are just as impressive. The song-writing is honest. At times so honest it feels like she’s singing straight from her dairy. I’m sure I’m not the only one who also appreciates the subtle references to her relationship scattered throughout the album.

This Love, Should’ve Said It and Dream Of You are little gems. But my favourite has got to be ‘Used To This’. Produced by Billie Eilish’s producer/brother/best producer in the world right now, Finneas O’Connell. We can be pretty sure who it’s about with lyrics like, ‘And the calluses on your fingers, I admire them from a distance, now they’re on my cheek.’ Shawn, we see you.

Another stand out is the final track of the album. First Man, again produced by Finneas, is a song sung directly to her father about a new relationship. Time then skips and her father is giving her away on her wedding day and OMG. Come prepared with tissues. You’ll need them.

Don’t be mislead by the title. Romance isn’t a whimsical, ‘love is rainbows and sunshine’ record. It has depth. It has grit. It has attitude. A lot of it. She’s not scared to cover all aspects of love and all its complexities.

There’s something for everyone on this one.

Told ya. She nailed it.

4/5 Steph Stars.